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Peace or war?
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Art by Ben-Franklins


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★{Lacey}★ | She/They | Canadian Flag Pixel by Lucernne| Sexual Orientations - Homosexual by TwinkJinx | Single
"Who are you?" "A demon to some, an angel to others."
Hello! I'm Lacey but you can call me Scorch, or just L.

I love to draw, animate and I also write.
I most draw those type of 'cats' with the long bangs/emo hair. I also draw normal cats, warrior cats, wolves, almost anything with four legs and I'm slowly practicing my humans.

I like to write a lot about my original characters. I have an original story series called Angel Watchers. I mostly keep my writings on my Wattpad lacey_tiger, as I don't like how Deviantart handles text.
Animation is hard for me at the moment because I don't have the correct tools or the practice, but I really want to get into it in the future. I badly want to get into voice acting too, but I don't think I have the right equipment for that at the moment.

Some of my favorite bands are; MCR, Set it off, Hollywood undead, Icon For Hire.
I also REALLY love to act, do improvised acting(improv), and role play.

I've been told I'm nice, kind and determined but I tend to have a short temper and I can really become rude and mean if anyone upsets me, especially when it comes to copying or forging my work.
I'm a Canadian lesbian who suffers from panic attacks and anxiety. I'm also here if anyone would ever need anyone to listen to.

If you have any questions feel free to ask! I'll answer down below in the comments. I don't bite, I swear.
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Me On Other Websites
Flight Rising:…
Instagram: @/scorched.drawings
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Me: Finally! Sometime to draw!
Mental Health: *suddenly gets bad*
Me: Oh for fuck sake.
"Dovekit. A magical kitten who is born with the ability to hear, and see, things really far away.
how far away?
well she can hear Scorcher dying from the other side of the continent."
So wait
If Thistleclaw  went to the dark forest cuz he had an affair with a minor....
why the heck did Pinestar end up in Starclan?
He had a relationship with someone really really young, and broke the warrior code for becoming a kittypet.


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ScorcherSoldier Featured By Owner Edited Oct 16, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you soooo much for ignoring the comment featured on my page.

"Don't thank for me watchs or faves, you're very welcome. Reply to this comment if you want to comment."
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